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Ariesul Hotel – Therapeutic Bath

The salt baths from Turda, which were used even in Roman times, represent the main attraction of the Ariesul Hotel-Therapeutic Bath. Specialized staff and adequate medical equipment offer you treatments for the following diseases: light peripheric paresis, minore polyneuromotory traumatisms, rheumatic spondylitis, arthritis, polyarthritis, luxations, fractures, gynecological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, varix, polytraumatisms, physical debilities and debilities of the respiratory system.

Therapies: electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, galvanic baths, plant baths, hydrotherapy and kinetotherapy, salt baths, ultrasounds, dynamic currents, aerosol, total or partial mud packs, massages as well as therapeutic gymnastics.

Valuable spropelic mud and sodic chlor mineral water with different hypo and hyper tone bicarbonate, calcic and magnesic concentration are used.

The hotel has a total of 66 double and matrimonial rooms with 126 places.

The spacious restaurant and the modern kitchen can serve more than 150 persons with dishes of Romanian and international cuisine.

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